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Dr. Aishah Augusta-Parham
CEO, Founder

My team and I are dedicated to creating justice in organizations which is essentially balance. We think of balance related to personnel all the time, having the right people in the room helps propel innovation and creativity. With DEI, justice is essentially balance. In my counseling psychology training, I've spent years helping people find balance with the awareness that balance allows us to be at our optimum level (e.g., well-being). The same is true for organizations. When DEI is at the center stage in meaningful ways organizations are able to maximize personnel, effort, innovation, productivity, and performance. 

Your One Stop Shop for DEI

Sepow is a powerful, innovative platform that helps businesses maximize their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Sepow goes beyond just creating an awareness of different cultures, races, gender and backgrounds - it focuses on tangible actions that can drive lasting change. It helps businesses identify meaningful themes and objectives within the DEI space, create initiatives to achieve them both in the near-term and long-term, measure progress and successes, and create new strategies if needed. Sepow is the only DEI tool you need to get your business on track today - no matter what industry you're in or how far along you may be on your DEI journey - Sepow has something for everyone! Start getting the most out of Sepow today. 


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