SEPOW was developed by a team of psychologists to tackle the issue of discrimination in the workplace.

Every day individuals experience discrimination as a result of their identity.


42% of women experience workplace discrimination

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80% of African Americans and 60% of Hispanics have experienced discrimination at work 

Sexual Orientation

21% of members of LGBTQA have endured discrimination

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Religious Beliefs

64% of people agree that religious discrimination takes place in America.

A Costly Expense

Every year businesses are left to fit a $64 billion bill related to workplace discrimination

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Is to get your business back to what is does best; taking care of employees and serving clients!

We help you remove unnecessary roadblocks and help your employees perform at their best.

Direct Source

Hear directly from your employees about the core issues. 

Custom-built Tools

Once size fits all DE&I solutions doesn't always fit. With SEPOW get tailor-made effective solutions to support your employees and transform your business.

Know that It Works

Get immediate feedback; real time validation of your multicultural initiatives.